Pond Cleaning



It is essential to keep a pond clean to maintain a healthy enviroment for pond fish, plants and natural wildlife.  If you're having problems with any of the following then please get in touch;


- Green Water

- Blanket Weed

- Smelly Water

- Fish Gasping at the Surface

- Plants Dying

- Fish Dying


We can find a solution for any of the above problems.  Sometimes it's just a case that the pond is due a good clean out and we will be more than happy to assist with this. It's a fairley simple process, first we catch any fish you may have while we are pumping the water out, we will keep the fish in a seperate holding tank while we perform the pond maintenance. Once it's all clean and your plants have been given a bit of a trim if required, we will then refil the pond, treat the water and return the fish happily to their new, clean home.