Pumps & Filtration


There are many types of pond pumps and filters available on the market now.  If you are thinking of buying a new one, then we can help choose the right one for you. We can also supply, install & repair.


Below are the main different types of Pumps and Filters available on the market.

Basic Internal Pump

This is a small, basic internal pump that sits inside your pond.  It's ideal if you are after a small fountain, or to run a small waterfall.


This pump will help add oxygen to your pond.

Large Internal Pump

This pump is much larger and pumps a higher volume of water making it ideal to run a waterfall or external filter. With a pump of this size, you wouldn't be able to run a fountain off of it.

Pump, Filter & UV Combined

This is another pump that sits submersed in your garden pond, however this also comes with a filter and UV combined making it ideal for oxygenating your pond as well as getting rid of any green water problems you may be having.


You can use this pump as a fountain as well as running an external filer box or waterfall off of it.

External Filter & UV

This external pond filter sits outside the pond and is connected to a large pond pump inside the pond by a felabe hose.  This filter can be buried near by to the pond, just leaving the top exposed.


This is an ideal solution for green water problems, smelly ponds and to generally maintain a healthy enviroment.